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If you will be ordering appraisals rather frequently, consider asking us to set up a user name and password for you.  This will enable you to use the link above to access our secure platform to enter your appraisal request directly into our order management system. This is the fastest way for us to receive your request and to process your order.  Call our toll free number (800 305-8832) and ask for your user name and password today!

For less frequent users, please consider utilizing our digital Direct Fax technology. Use the links below to access a form. We will receive the forms you fax in digital format. This allows for fast and reliable processing of your orders.


Fax a New Appraisal Order
This option will print an order form with a barcode that can be faxed directly into my system without a cover sheet.

Fax an Appraisal Order From
L.O.S. (Loan Origination Software)
This option will print a cover sheet you can add to the order form printed through your LOS.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


With our faxable order form there is a barcode that prints out on the order form. When you fax it, a special software application will read the barcode. A digital copy of the order form is then routed to a special directory in our system, specific to that order, and we’re notified it’s arrived (even if we’re out of the office!).

Perhaps your LOS has a ready-to-print appraisal requests already. No problem – use that instead! Just download a cover sheet from the LOS link above. It has a similar barcode that will accomplish everything our own order form does. Print it out, make it the first page of your fax, and we’re in business!

Don’t want to visit our website every time you need to order an appraisal? Just print out order forms or cover sheets in advance and keep them by the fax machine. Filling out our order form by hand works, too. A digital copy still gets delivered to our system and we can start the report promptly.


DirectFax saves you time by letting you be sure the fax gets to us and doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. It’s just one of the ways we at Affinity Valuation Group, LLC strive to serve you better.

Use our Detailed Online Appraisal Order Form
This form provides us with the information we need to review and contact you for a follow up discussion of your appraisal order. It uses a streamlined system secured by Anow, a service we use to maximize efficiency in our processing.

If you are not yet ready to order an appraisal and would just like to speak with someone from our firm about the best options for you, fill out the information on the “Easy Contact Form” on the right side of this page and click SUBMIT.

We will contact you and answer any questions you may have regarding your appraisal assignment.


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