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Welcome to the Affinity Valuation website and blog. Allow us to quickly introduce ourselves.

We are experienced in providing valuation services for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties. Whether it’s a commercial-industrial, single family home, condo, farm or vacant land, we are the full service firm you can count on to provide professional real property appraisals quickly and affordably.

As a full service real estate appraisal and consulting firm we provide valuations, market and feasibility studies, highest and best use analysis, and consultations for developers, institutional, government, private clients and lenders.

56927-20150325We take pride in providing a consistent service of thorough, accurate analysis of your real estate problems. Our reports meet all requirements of government agencies, lenders, courts and the Appraisal Institute as well as the American Society of Appraisers under the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). We can provide full narrative or form based reports to best serve your needs. On our website and blog you’ll find topics including real estate market trends, appraisal topics, data and graphs, trend analysis, “photos from the field”, and an abundance of things you may find interesting.

Please explore this website and send us a message directly or call us at 1-800-305-8832 to obtain more information. You can also place an order or ask a question to one of our professional staff members on our website.

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